"What an Unbranded Cow Has Cost," , by Frederic Remington







Is being re-edited and updated!


Look for a new 2nd edition of “SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK”


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Works In Progress



On deck is a novel that takes place in what is now Southwestern Scotland in the generation after the death of King Arthur. British Celts fight to protect their homes and way of life against the pitiless encroachments of the Angelcynn tribes from the east.


In the dugout is a sequel to Sideshow at Honey Creek. The Burns family, and their friends, fight to thrive during Reconstruction. They are drawn into the intrigues of a onetime blockade-runner to smuggle unrepentant Rebels to the Confederate colony in Brazil. The problems: these Rebels are wanted for war crimes and are entangled with Emperor Maximilian and his failing empire in Mexico.


And, of course, I continue to create eclectic and wide-ranging blog posts that are worth exploring.



Update   11/13/13


Work continues on my Scotland story. It's getting too long, as I knew it would. I've found a text reader to listen to what is written as I edit on it when I'm otherwise blocked. And, I'm looking for ways to reduce the tome as much as I can. I've introduced the Saxon characters. I like them a lot. And, soon I will begin to introduce the forces that will lead the Celts and Saxons into conflict.


I do still ruminate on the Sideshow sequel. I've even written a paragraph or two.


Recently, I've gotten on Google + and am enjoying it immensely. Found ways to do some writing experiments and help with 'blocked' days. Also met some fun and supportive friends there. Check me out if you belong.

Update 6/12/13


I'm shifting emphasis away from the Sideshow sequel and toward the sub Roman Scotland saga. 'Will still listen to the sequel whispers. However, HF of the American West is showing poor sales. Druids and swords show a little more life over on amazon. And, frankly, I need the traffic.


'It's a huge story but I'll work on hammering it out so that I can get it up and running before Christmas.


Just saying. May change back. Both still get attention.


Update   3/13/13


I do just love when my characters emanate out of the ether and whisper their story into my soul’s ear. Today, Joshua Stanton appeared behind me to unstick me from being stuck on his vital introductory scene. It is turning out so much better than my idea.


Here’s a secret tip from Twain; ‘invent two or three characters and set them loose in your story.’ It often works for me and I am grateful to them.





Update 2/24/13


I am enjoying the research for Sideshow’s sequel. The history of the ‘unreconstructed’ rebels, Maximilian’s ruin, and the Confederados after the Civil War ended is fascinating. My character’s list grows and fills with interesting people that are coming to life and beginning to tell me their stories. David Taylor, ship owner and blockade runner, was only a never seen shadow in Sideshow but becomes a main character now. Patrick Conner, wife Sally, and son Niall, are among the Confederados Taylor tries to get to Brazil. They are great characters. And, the grand manipulator from Sideshow, Joshua Stanton, brings intrigue and danger to the story.


Of course, I’m bringing back the Burns family, especially Bill, and Brince Miles in a big way.


Things are progressing. I’m introducing these characters, their subplots, and gathering all the ‘forces’ of the story. The beginning is, in fact, beginning.