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SOUTHING Escape of the Rebels


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My “Works in Progress” update is woefully late. My apologies.


I am proud of this historical fiction thriller. It was a struggle to get it finished, edited, and published. But done is done. SOUTHING is a fun read. I’m not the only one that thinks so.


Many of the most interesting characters in SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK appear in this exciting story of escape and triumph in the days following the end of the Civil War and the first weeks of Reconstruction. Enjoy getting to know Prudence “Queenie” Adams and Faith Willis, two strong women characters. Learn more about David Taylor, the blockade runner of SIDESHOW.


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"What an Unbranded Cow Has Cost," , by Frederic Remington






Is re-edited and updated!


Look for a new 2nd edition of “SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK”


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To all and sundry:
Hear ye! Hear ye! Read all about it!


My short story, "The Queen of the Elves" for Kindle.



A historical fantasy of the night Godda, the Queen of the Elves, presented herself at the court of William the Conqueror. Widely witnessed, it may even be true.

She's the wife Wild Edric, a historical Saxon warlord who resisted the Norman conquest of England for years after the Battle of Hastings.

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are complete!






Finally. I have completed the drafts of my sequel to Sideshow at Honey Creek. The last of it is in the capable hands of my editor.


I feel the story is rich in great characters. Many of them appear in Sideshow. Of the new ones, I am especially proud of three colorful and strong women.

The tiny spaces between great historical upheaval and change have always intrigued me. These spaces are what makes the period taking place in the sequel interesting to me. Like Sideshow, we are taken into the times to see rare glimpses of unfamiliar territory.


Researching that little space in history has been a joy.


I may even have a title for the thing.


The learning curve for using Scrivener to compile the thing into an acceptable format for amazon and Createspace is a challenge. As is trying to design my own cover. But I bought courses in both. Maybe these will help.


Now I can spend some time with my latest (and freshest, most exciting) WIPs. As mentioned, these will peek into the Jazz Age and will be mystery novellas. I am so looking forward to it.


Wish me luck in all these endeavors.















What? Huh? Am I awake? Hmm, I guess I am. At long last. I'd better do a quick catch up with new of my "Works In Progress". Let's hope better late than never.



Coming Soon!


I am now in the act of adding an "Author Interview" section of this web sight. I've already gotten some very special authors lined up. You will enjoy getting to know them, their works, and a little about the creative process. It is extremely exciting to me to be doing this.



I've got editors busy working on my next book. With luck, it should be on amazon and Createspace by early summer.


God help me, I've also allowed an editor to give another swipe through "Sideshow at Honey Creek". With some more Irish luck, the last of the typos and lost commas can be repaired. This third edition should be ready in a matter of weeks.


I continue thinking our my Pulp/noir tribute series. Learning about Texas during Prohibition has been a treat and the ideas stirring are delightful and "penny dreadful". Can't wait.


One last thing on the drawing boards are teasing myself with an anthology of my shorter work and favorite blog entries. This is barely in the toddler stage.


Onward and upward through the fog.

Undate 8/17/14


Working hard on the "Sideshow sequel" and putting the Celtic novel back on the back burner for a while. I blame it on the update of "Sideshow". It just seemed that I owed it to the characters.


Speaking of characters, I'm really liking the sequel's characters. They just knocked on my door and moved in. Gabe, the Creole cotton grower that wanted to be left alone to grow his cotton and having a noose waiting for him if he stops running. Sally, southern belle to the core, being strong, being hunted. Cane, the Huck Finn of Mississippi, finding family for the first time. Others coming as I write.



Update   11/13/13


Work continues on my Scotland story. It's getting too long, as I knew it would. I've found a text reader to listen to what is written as I edit on it when I'm otherwise blocked. And, I'm looking for ways to reduce the tome as much as I can. I've introduced the Saxon characters. I like them a lot. And, soon I will begin to introduce the forces that will lead the Celts and Saxons into conflict.


I do still ruminate on the Sideshow sequel. I've even written a paragraph or two.


Recently, I've gotten on Google + and am enjoying it immensely. Found ways to do some writing experiments and help with 'blocked' days. Also met some fun and supportive friends there. Check me out if you belong.

Update 6/12/13


I'm shifting emphasis away from the Sideshow sequel and toward the sub Roman Scotland saga. 'Will still listen to the sequel whispers. However, HF of the American West is showing poor sales. Druids and swords show a little more life over on amazon. And, frankly, I need the traffic.


'It's a huge story but I'll work on hammering it out so that I can get it up and running before Christmas.


Just saying. May change back. Both still get attention.


Update   3/13/13


I do just love when my characters emanate out of the ether and whisper their story into my soul’s ear. Today, Joshua Stanton appeared behind me to unstick me from being stuck on his vital introductory scene. It is turning out so much better than my idea.


Here’s a secret tip from Twain; ‘invent two or three characters and set them loose in your story.’ It often works for me and I am grateful to them.





Update 2/24/13


I am enjoying the research for Sideshow’s sequel. The history of the ‘unreconstructed’ rebels, Maximilian’s ruin, and the Confederados after the Civil War ended is fascinating. My character’s list grows and fills with interesting people that are coming to life and beginning to tell me their stories. David Taylor, ship owner and blockade runner, was only a never seen shadow in Sideshow but becomes a main character now. Patrick Conner, wife Sally, and son Niall, are among the Confederados Taylor tries to get to Brazil. They are great characters. And, the grand manipulator from Sideshow, Joshua Stanton, brings intrigue and danger to the story.


Of course, I’m bringing back the Burns family, especially Bill, and Brince Miles in a big way.


Things are progressing. I’m introducing these characters, their subplots, and gathering all the ‘forces’ of the story. The beginning is, in fact, beginning.