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Steven Malone is an author located in Texas. Steven's recent work includes:





A new edition of SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK is now available on!


The book has gone through an extensive professional copyediting and reformatting.


SIDESHOW is a rich Historical Fiction saga based on true events. SIDESHOW is full of fascinating characters, vivid detail, gritty realism and gripping prose.


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SIDESHOW AT HONEY CREEK is available now on


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As the impending conflict rises, the author's depiction
becomes absolutely gripping, and he never lets up all the way to the end.



Thank you so much for writing your book, l really, really
enjoyed it.

The battle scenes were brilliant, very well written.

Best 3 dollars I have EVER spent by far.



...not for the faint of heart.



It is an epic read with a lot of food for thought and has
stayed with me for some time after I finished it.




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To read about Ike Malone, a true westerner and one of the founders of Hico, Texas, click on the Articles tab. Ike, his family, and their stories are the seeds of my book, Sideshow At Honey Creek.


Newly added is a ghost story about some who, to their grief, wronged Ike Malone.


Read the true story of medicinal cures in the 19th Century