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Murder in the Brothel Garden: A Conner Miles Mystery

By Steven D. Malone



Beach Gang bootlegger, Conner Miles, must find a murderer and protect the fiery prostitute, Livia.


Conner’s boss gives him a wad of hundreds to clean up a mess. The mess; a body piled like dirty laundry in a puddle of blood in the brothel garden. The madam wants the murderer found. She wants Conner to protect one of her girls, Livia.


Maybe Livia’s a witness. Maybe she’s the murderer.


Livia won’t say. But she smiles so pretty and promises so much.


Then bullets start flying. Someone wants Conner dead.


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Tagline: Gangsters, Flappers, Jazz, and Murder in the wide open Free State of Galveston, 1925.


Book Info:

Author: Steven D. Malone

Cover Art: Heidi Dorey

Page Count: 226

Word Count: 55024

ISBN (ebook): ASIN: B07RHKKW5T

ISBN (print): 978-1733883900

Release Date: May 3, 2019

Rating: 18+




Praise for Book Title or Series Title:

✭✭✭✭✭ out of 5 stars Fans of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will Love Malone's book!

June 5, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

How fun! I was in the mood for armchair travel to the Jazz Age, and Malone’s book took me there.

The author’s historical research shows through in the best way. When characters use slang or out-of-date terms, it’s never clunky or forced. I found myself eager to flip pages, while simultaneously wanting to slow down and savor the world Malone created.

I can usually tell where a story is headed, and that isn’t always a bad thing, but in this case? I did NOT see the twist coming!

I hope this is the first of a series.


5.0 out of 5 starsLots of Action!

June 29, 2019

Format: Paperback

I loved this book - bought it at a book signing and just bought a second copy for a friend who loves Galveston. I liked the snappy dialogue between the characters (definitely not your usual suspects) and things about the time period (1925) I never knew - Malone definitely did his research! Lots of action, fascinating characters, murders, gunfights with gangsters, and a totally believable ending I was NOT ready for!






About the Author

Steven D. Malone received a BA in History from the University of Houston. He is a published author whose works have been featured in venues as diverse as True West Magazine, SpeedX QSL, and KOL Israel Radio.

A voracious reader, his interests include ancient and Dark Age history, the Civil War and the American West, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and classic movies. He is a certified teacher of Tajiquan. Mr. Malone lives in Texas with his wife and son.

He is the author of the historical fiction and historical mystery novels:

Murder in the Brothel Garden: A Conner Miles Mystery, Conner Miles’ gang boss orders him to clean up a mess. He must find a murderer and protect the prostitute, Livia. Then the bullets began. Someone wants Conner dead. Gangsters, Flappers, Jazz, and Murder in the wide open Free State of Galveston, 1925.

Southing, Southern plantation owners, fleeing Union occupation, immigrate to Brazil to start a new life. Emperor Dom Pedro II, sought to create his own cotton and sugar cane industry with ‘Confederado’ help.

Sideshow at Honey Creek, is a historical fiction about the little known and ultimately tragic event, the Battle of Dove Creek, Confederate troops and Texas militia against the Kickapoo nation in the last winter of the American Civil War.

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