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As the impending conflict rises, the author's depiction becomes absolutely gripping, and he never lets up all the way to the end.



Thank you so much for writing your book, l really, really enjoyed it.

The battle scenes were brilliant, very well written.

Best 3 dollars I have EVER spent by far.



...not for the faint of heart.



It is an epic read with a lot of food for thought and has stayed with me for some time after I finished it.




Wild Edric, Saxon warlord, continued to resist the Conquest of England, by William the Conqueror, long after the defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings. When defeated, Edric bowed before William and pledged his service. On that day William learned that Edric was married to Godda, Queen of the Elves. This marvel much interested William. The new King required Edric to bring his wife to the King's court. Legend has it that on St. Cuthbert's Day, near Eastertide in 1068, Queen Godda presented herself to William at London.


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