Reviews for SOUTHING Escape of the Rebels

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By Greg Seeley January 2, 2017

4 Stars

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


The Civil War is over. It has ended badly for the South. Facing the harsh realities of Reconstruction, and with the greater part of their livelihood destroyed, thousands of Confederates, both civilians and returning veterans have made a heart-wrenching decision. They will flee to Mexico or South America to attempt to rebuild their lives. Some are simply displaced members of a society that no longer exists. Others are alleged war criminals on the run from Federal troops. Against the background of this largely unreported chapter in American history, Steven Malone brings us his intriguing and action-filled novel "Southing; Escape of the Rebels".


From diverse settings such as south-central Texas to New Orleans, Natchez, Galveston, and Matamoras, Mexico “fugitives” gather in an attempt to reunite their families and reach a ship that will help them to run the Yankee blockade. We again meet characters who first appeared in Malone’s earlier novel "Sideshow at Honey Cree"k and are introduced to a new group of fleeing families.


The story is a bit difficult to follow in the beginning with the new characters and depiction of action in the various venues. Things, however, soon become much clearer as we become more familiar with the characters and their circumstances. Any early confusion quickly dissipates and the story is well-worth the journey as these diverse groups of characters begin to interact with each other. The action is hard-charging and does not let up.


As with "Sideshow at Honey Creek", weather plays a key role – from soaking rain to the lung-choking heat and dust of Emperor Maximillian’s Mexico. So also do side characters such as Mexico’s rebel bands known as Jauristas, rogue bandits, and Maximillian’s occupying troops.


The story builds to a heart-pounding, and unexpected ending that will leave the reader both fulfilled and wanting more. I highly recommend this well-done sequel to "Sideshow at Honey Creek". It can be read as a stand-alone but I strongly recommend reading that novel first. I rate this book at four solid, well-deserved stars.





By Regina Olson January 9, 2017

4 Stars

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


I don't usually read historical novels, but this was recommended to me so I purchased the hard copy. It was a great read. The characters were colorful and true to the time period. The author made me care about them, even the pampered southern bells. The journey was never easy, and they never knew who would be friend or foe. They started out in wagons, their destination the docks, and then on to the ship. The Civil War split the country, and if you were labeled a rebel, you had to escape.




By Ian McLeanon January 27, 2017

5 Stars

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase


Steven Malone did an amazing job with Southing: Escape of the Rebels. The reader is transported back in time to the tumultuous Civil War era. A fun read for everyone.




By Mary Jo Martin January 9, 2017

5 Stars

Format: Paperback


Southing is a great sequel to Sideshow at Honey Creek. It was good to be able to find out what happened to the characters in that book, who lived through the tumultuous times following the Civil War - or the War of Northern Aggression, as Southerners call it.


As someone who grew up in the Northern US, there were many facets of that war that we never learned in school. Both Sideshow at Honey Creek and Southing provided me with much more detailed insights into that horrible part of our history. And, they did so in a fast-paced, fascinating way.


The characters in Sideshow at Honey Creek were more fully developed in Southing. Finishing the book left me with a desire to learn more about their lives in Brazil. I hope there will be another sequel.




By Clara Jane Sweet January 9, 2017

4 Star

Format: Kindle Edition


I purchased this book at a book-signing event. Being a native Texan, I related to many of the places mentioned, but the characters swept me into the story right away. I could tell the author really did his homework when it came to research, from gunboats and weapons to patterns of speech and clothing - all were woven seamlessly into the backdrop as a group of people tried desperately to escape the devastation left by the Civil War. Tons of things I was totally unaware of, and plenty of action to keep me wondering what would happen next. I definitely recommend it.