I will be attending the Copperfield Books Author Fair this coming weekend.


 Saturday, May 29 - from 11:00 AM to 4 PM.


Twenty or so local authors of various genres will be there with me for book signings, prizes, and refreshments.


Copperfield Books is an independent bookstore located in the Northwest Houston area.


We'll be set up in the parking lot at the corner of Champion Forest and Louetta. Come join us. I'm eager to meet you.





More and Less 2021

My first blog post for the New Year


By Steven D. Malone




New Year’s Resolutions?


I don’t do those. Not in years. Better years than the last one, truly.


Even the ones I remember making back when the world was young were purposely vague. Not wanting to set myself up for disappointment. Back when I made them, disappointment never failed.


Did you let yourself down this year, fool? Why yes, said the fool. Again? Yes, again.


Making New Year’s resolutions got thrown out the window. Then in December, and something productive and/or accomplished happened, as it always did, the fool didn’t get let down.


I’ll take the risk this year, however. Suitably vague and open-ended. There will be two of them. Maybe three.


First: more. Second: less. Third (which follows 2020’s pandemic): stay alive.


More: Write more. Love more. Smile more.


Less: Eat less. Kvetch less. Frown less.



Bye-bye 2020?


Whew! I lived through it. Even managed to survive the self-imposed imprisonment that kept me and mine safe. So far. Knock wood and cross fingers. Had a handful of family and friends to come down with the Covid. They were all fortunate enough to survive. Knock more wood and cross more fingers.


Covid. Hurricanes. The Recession Depression. Volcanos. Mud slides. Microplastics in our blood. Tainted pet food. And if there was a race between the Left and the Right to destroy the Constitution it’s beginning to look as if the Right is winning.


The beat goes on. Remind anyone of Pharaoh’s Egypt?



Pantser Pandemic?


As bad as it was on some public health Richter scale, the pandemic had some small benefit for me. With a lot of canceled events and travel plans, my pants found themselves warming the office desk chair. Still, all the mood swings, worries, and frustrations wrestled for attention. And my Muse often needed gentle encouragement. A little flirtation helped as well.


But strides were made on my WIP. Damned thing’s almost finished.


That’s about it for the first blog post of the year. Not much to it but it’s a start.


I must gravitate to the idiot box to watch the train wreck. Before I finished this, the far right as insurrected all over the nation’s capital. How constitutional of them. How law-and-order of them.

Don’t worry. If it had been the far left I would have similar things to say.




I probably won’t put a lot of spam out about this post. But, if you make it here, know that I love you all.


Let’s hope that we can survive 2021 as we have survived 2020, safely and in good health.


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